Monday, December 18, 2006

Weird Weather Wipes Us OUT....

I'm afraid we brought weird weather to Olympia.

We had the driest summer anyone around here could remember. It was a very nice summer. But Odd. (That's odd with a capital "O") It rained on only three or five days from June to September.

November was the wettest month EVER on record in the area. It also snowed, and freaked everyone out around here.

And just last week, we had the harshest windstorm EVER. Many, many people (60,000) in our city have no power. We were very lucky in that we lost power for only a couple of hours. People have been without electricity (no heat, either) for five days so far.

We went to Safeway today, and there was hardly any cheese, or yogurt, or milk. It was weird. No frozen foods at all.

Everyone outside our neighborhood who has come over has said, first thing, "You have power?!" I feel guilty for being lucky enough to be part of the ten percent of uninterrupted electrical service.

I would feel very guilty if I really thought it was us moving to the area that caused such weird weather. But if it's true, we've at least paid in part.

The wind tore quite a few shingles off our roof, leaving a large exposed patch. ~~Side note: our insurance agent climbed up on our roof yesterday and patched the holes. Our insurance agent. What a great dude, huh?~~

It also knocked over a section of our fence. Luckily that only fell into the grouchy old lady who lives next door's garage. Had it broken the window, I'm certain we'd have had the National Guard rapping at our door at 3AM.

As it was, I missed a piece when I picked up the shattered fence the next day, and we had to hear about it. Loudly. We also got to hear about how the shingles in OUR yard came from OUR roof. She told us about that about twenty minutes after I'd told her that when she crept into our yard to pick one of them up. I also asked her to not pick them up, since our insurance agent was coming over to see the damage. She had her roofer come over and pick them up out of our yard after he told her there was no damage to her roof. So she called to tell us that.

Weird, huh? I mean, that we're breaking all these extreme weather records. It's either us, or global warming. And since science, the media, and the government finally admit that there IS such a thing, I'm going with global warming. (It takes the pressure off of me.)

Send love to the Pacific Northwest, will ya?


Anonymous Jules said...

At least your safe, that's all that matters!

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man I saw that event on the news. Talked with some relatives, who by the way were part of the 90% without power. I only have one question for you:

Were you man enough to fly a kite?

You have not lived until you have flown a kite in a typhoon, wind storm, or hurricane. Sometimes when the wind is over 90mph, yoy can jury rig a set of wings out of poncho liners and no shit you can fly around the parking lot in small hops. Believe me when I tell you that it takes some liquor (Dark brown liquor) and some balls to fly yourself. You can get better lift if you position yourself near a corner or funnel where the wind is compressed to pass through.

Kids fly good too - since they weigh much less. Make sure you put something on their feet to bring them back down. Oh and skip the brown liquor, substitute with peer pressure.

4:01 AM  
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