Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maxim Measures Myths...

In keeping with the strange theme I've got going on, and all the weird research I've been doing lately, (I'll soon be telling you about this 'alien/human ambassador thing' I stumbled across this afternoon...) I thought I'd put in a word about Maxim Online's new Urban Legends section.

It's both hilarious, and revealing. It's a look at legends and myths, most of which I'm sure you've heard of.

I was surprised by the number of what I thought would surely be Urban Legends that were actually true events, or consequences.

Or even things that I took to be common knowledge. Like Myth #19, which says in part, "If you keep shaving your head, the hair will grow back thicker.The truth: False.Sorry to say, but all that shaving you tried at age 10 in an attempt to cop Tom Selleck’s look was for naught..."

(Magnum's mustache!)

I honestly thought that was a medically sound fact. I would swear that it's happened on my body. I've got this patch on the back of my neck that begs to differ. But hey, maybe they're right. They do quote experts.

At any rate, I learned how to really compute dog years. Yeah, most of us are wrong, peeps. Check out Myth #23.

I hope they add more to this section. It's illuminating. And just weird enough for a few minutes of light strangeness in the afternoon, in between all the government conspiracies, and time traveler dementia.

You should check it out. If you haven't already clicked a link to do so, you can do so here:
Maxim's Common Myth and Urban Legend Debunkkment Section.

(Soon we will discuss the strange affairs of human and Zeta Reticularian citizen exchanges. You know... that weird stuff I was talking about earlier.)


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