Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maybe I'm Googling All Wrong...

I'm interested in time travel. Everyone is, right?

Many of the stories I write deal with traveling through time. The latest short story I wrote (everyone pray with me that it gets published!) is about it. Actually, the one I wrote before that (more prayers, please) for Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers contest, was about time travel, too.

Hmmm... Thinking about it, most of my stories have some element of time travel in them. The novel I wrote involves time travel. So will the next two novels that go with it.

Apparently, I'm very interested in time travel. I wonder what that means.


Wow. I'm so interested in it that instead of finishing this entry hours ago when I began it, I instead spent the afternoon searching through time travel and related sites. It was a wild afternoon.

I started out reading this crazy report about some college girls in Utah who slipped into another time, or dimension, driving back to campus from a nearby town. They were chased by people who were not human who drove egg-shaped, tri-wheeled vehicles. They lost their hubcap somewhere in time when they made their escape back to their own time/dimension.

I found this report about it: Gadianton Canyon Encounter. This is on the Jeff Rense website, a paranormal type news magazine. It came from an article in the UFO Roundup on a site called, UFO This seems to be the only report there is on the subject. There are other sites that have the same report, but there's nothing else about it.

While it sounds really cool, and obviously scary, and I wish that it were true, I can't believe it really happened. There's not enough information. And there's geographical discrepencies in the story.

I did find a site (and didn't save it), of html coded message board entries. One was from a guy who'd researched this, and couldn't conclude it was true or false. He, like I, didn't feel the need to take the time to research it further. And he wrote about it years ago. It seems no one has found a need to dig further into the truth of the incident. At least no one who's talking about it.

But that's where I started. Looking for the truth of that particular story.

Then I found places like-- KeelyNet --it's a site all about alternative science. They issued a challenge for any time travelers out there to prove that they can travel through time (hee hee!).

The webpage is from 1998. It doesn't look as if anyone's accepted: The Challenge. At any rate, there was no news at KeelyNet about time travel. Most of the articles were ten years old.

I went off on some missing time tangents, and read about some aliens, and conspiracy theories for a while, and then made my way back to time travel.

I read old news about a guy named John Titor. He claimed, in the years 2000 & 2001, that he was visiting from the year 2036. There's all sorts of craziness involved with his story. But it led me to a post on a message board (Anomolies Network Forums)that asked the very question I'd been asking myself as I was looking for crazy links to include today:

Is time travel dead?

There doesn't seem to be much interest in it. At least, not on discussion boards, and active websites. Though the person who started the above mentioned thread seems to think interest might again be on the slow rise. Google didn't bring up much. Well, there's these guys...

If people aren't interested anymore, it would mean my earlier assertion that everyone is interested in time travel is totally wrong. Anyone who knows me knows that that can't be true.

And where have all the time travelers gone? No one's bragging about being from another time on any of the boards I found today. There's no New Age site out there with a fresh new lead on a group of time travelers hidden in a cave. What's going on?

If there are any of you out there, feel free to contact me, and we'll get your story out there, so when I Google time traveler, something current will come up.

Until then, I'll keep writing science fiction.


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