Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shopping Doesn't Suck....

I like to shop online.

Let's face it. It's eventually going to be the worldwide preferred way to shop. Who wants to go to a store? Well, maybe a Second Life store. But that's online, isnt' it?

As much as I'm interested in this human race of ours, I'm not big on crowds. I don't have a high tolerance for numbers of people. I've been told (outloud and with frowns) that it's a lot lower than is expected. It's not uncommon for me to be referred to as a hermit, and most of the time it's true. But I don't need to leave my house, most days. I've got the internet. I can find whatever I need from the comfort of my home, and usually everything I want--delivered to my door.

At any rate, I shop online for most things, and certainly for things I need during holidays. Black Friday=Number One Worst Hell in the Universe to me. I like to find gifts for my loved ones from right here, sitting on my ass.

But even sitting here and shopping isn't all that easy. Sometimes it's hard to find what I want. Fortunately, there are a lot of online shoppers out there, and some of them are really good at it. Even more fortunately, some of them write about what they find, and how to find what you need and want.

Further fortune has shone on me by way of finding a trustworthy blogger out there who's spreading the shopping Word. An online shopper named Colleen has a shopping blog I can trust.

BuyMeBlog -- Smart, easy on the eye, just personal enough, and savvy. Let's call those the tags for this blog from me.

I've not met Ms. Colleen (I mean online, of course), but I've been reading some of her other blogs lately on recommendations from my wife. Though BuyMeBlog is a new one, I'm betting its going to fill fast with useful shopping tips delivered with style, humor, and a personal view.

Colleen is both smart, and funny.

She doesn't just list great deals, and good products, she tells us the story behind her shopping adventures. Like these knives:

Not only does Colleen tell us all about this knife set, she tells us the story of how she came to buy two sets. It's the personal info, and just the right amount of it, that makes this a blog I'll visit.

I like her honest approach to this blog, too. Colleen's not just giving us the inside scoop on great deals, and handing out coupons for us to use, she's also reviewing the things she's already bought, and warning us of things not to buy, like sheets that pill up and make sleeping all icky and uncomfy: Don't buy these sheets!

Thanks, Colleen, for starting this blog. Now I can sit on my butt and shop with a little more information, and a smile or two while I read your reviews.

Add BuyMeBlog to your list!


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Heh heh. Nice. I like you.

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