Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Bedtime Story for Breezy

My flash piece that I wrote so my friend Breezy could get some sleep is up at Every Day Fiction today.

So far a few people understand it.

I LOVE all the "readers" who don't get it and have to write in and comment that it's NOT a story. Because they can't understand the story, there IS no story. Ha ha! Maybe they should stick with cartoons in the morning and leave the literature alone.

If you'd like to read a story about something pretty, then stop on by and have a read of A Bedtime Story for Breezy.

If you leave a comment about it not being a story, I'll lump you in with the other "readers" out there and you will only get thoughts of clouds of rancid butter raining down upon you during sex--even if it's with yourself. But if you get it, like one woman has thus far at 8 AM, please let me know and I shall thank you for having a brain.

Have lovely days.

Thanks for reading!