Saturday, March 28, 2009

Withersin 2.3

Wow, like most everything else, my blog has been neglected.

I've been busy lately. Been writing a book. LOVE that. (It's odd, and fun, and FUN.)
Been makin' a new superfriend. LOVE that. (Hi, Breezy!)
Been putting my back back together. Not so much love there.
Been listening to Daft Punk a lot. LOVE them.

And today I received my copies (one subscription copy and one contributer copy) of the latest issue of Withersin.

My true account, Time in the Desert, kicks off the issue. I am so stoked about that! I love Withersin. It's truly a great magazine. I'm happy to have another story out in it. I always like seeing what I'm in there with. So far, and I've only flipped through, I'm very happy about the company my story shares. Cool stuff. As always.

My story is about a missing time episode my friend and I experienced in the desert of Idaho in the early 90's.

If you've got the inclination, and the desire for a completely different, amazing magazine of the odd, scary, brilliant and wicked, please check it out.

Thanks for reading!