Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cyril Mack

Love him or hate him, he's my dude.

Yesterday my story, Cyril Mack and the Very Cold Cup of Tea, was published at Every Day Fiction.

People loved it, or hated it. Reading the comments was quite a ride.

I was happy that so many people loved it, and laughed about it, and got that it was supposed to be ridiculous. I loved that lots of people understood that it had something to say, even though it was so silly. I was happy that people were having fun.

There were some total party-poopers, however, and they got under my skin for the day by leaving scathing comments designed to get under my skin. I even wrote a blog entry about how much they suck.

But today I'm not worried about them and their dreadful dispirited days. I won't even pity them for their dreariness. I deleted the blog post. :)

The truth is, a lot of people liked my crazy story. Some people even understood it. And I didn't even think EDF would buy it.

If you haven't read it, please do. If you hate it, I can't blame you for it, my wife doesn't like it one bit. But if you're going to be nasty about it, don't expect my respect, or even my notice. I had fun writing it, and I sold it. And lots of people have read it, and some of them even liked it. All is well in my weird universe.

Thanks for reading!

Have rad days.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Right now it's mostly that my back itches. Before that I needed a cup of coffee. And then I thought I'd blog about being distracted. Zane is seeking out my backscratcher for me. He's been gone a while. I thought he knew where it was... This is very distracting. Ah, here he comes.

Ha! He came down the hall with it and said, "Your turn."
Oh. Now I have to make the girls talk. I'll be right back.

(time passed)
I started out this post about being distracted from writing a story I'm writing AND how writing the story today is sort of a distraction from the work I should be doing outside.
It's not working out for me today.
And now various distractions have taken this blog post hostage. There have been a series of distractions beginning with making the girls talk. After the original back-itch ordeal.
I took photos.

This is the pile of concrete that needs to be moved so that I can then build a garden in its place.

Here we are making the girls talk. I've got Jasmine. She's talking to Ariel about why Ariel doesn't have clothes.

Suddenly, in mid-conversation, Johnny Test provides an extreme magnetic distraction.

How rude.
Then we had to go downstairs and get a banana.
So back to what I was saying about trying to write that story toda

Monday, February 02, 2009

February Flash

Every Day Fiction's Table of Contents for the month is out.

There are stories from my favorites on there again.

One from me, too. One that I'm a little surprised EDF bought. But Jordan wrote on the acceptance note, "We like weird!" So yeah. It's weird. I like it. We'll see what the rest of you think of Cyril Mack and the Very Cold Cup of Tea.

My friend Mariette is in it. I think she'll like it.

February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Anitha Murthy Food on the Table
Feb 2 Jonathan Pinnock Mirror, Mirror
Feb 3 saintsally At Cost
Feb 4 Amanda Clifford Bless You
Feb 5 Rumjhum Biswas Hey Crow!
Feb 6 Bill Ward Davy’s Toy Box
Feb 7 Bill Gaythwaite Enough for Everyone
Feb 8 Jacqueline Vick The Membership Drive
Feb 9 Stephen D. Rogers Love Unleashed
Feb 10 C.L. Holland A Chime of Reds
Feb 11 Oonah V Joslin Broadens the Mind
Feb 12 Clint Wastling The Loves of Ariel
Feb 13 Ross Kimble Serve Her
Feb 14 April Grey Objects of Desire
Feb 15 Erin M. Kinch Honor Bound
Feb 16 Erika Day Stunning
Feb 17 K.C. Ball Sydney, Down Under
Feb 18 S.J. Higbee Picky Eaters
Feb 19 Angel Zapata Cheese
Feb 20 Wayne Scheer Rude Awakening
Feb 21 Michael Mallory The Novelist
Feb 22 Greta Igl The Getaway
Feb 23 J. B. Hogan Waiting for the Light
Feb 24 Kevin Jewell Autoclave
Feb 25 Kevin Shamel Cyril Mack and the Very Cold Cup of Tea
Feb 26 Christopher P. Garlington Gone
Feb 27 Gay Degani The London Eye
Feb 28 David E. Oprava Martyr

My friend Gay's story comes out on my son's birthday! That's cool.

Thanks for reading.