Thursday, June 21, 2007



I AM a-liiiiive!

I know. Only those of you who get stupid myspace comments, or work at the doctor's or dentist's office REALLY know that I'm alive, but I'm here to tell you that I really, really, am.

This is not my wife typing for me.

This is not the dog or the whale.

It's really me.

I have to go play cars and guys with Zane, so I can't write more, but I thought I'd let you all know that I'm still here, and not dead or undead, but just really busy, a tad antisocial, and also really busy.

I hope, as always, to have more time and energy to write more soon, and I even have stuff to say, and photos to post. So maybe soon. Plus, I'm feeling dorkishly weird, so there may be a video or something working it's way to the surface... we shall see...

Anyhaw, here I is.



Anonymous Matty said...


Good to hear that you're still alive. I'm sick of CT. I decided to move to Boise. Hope all is well with you.


7:56 AM  
Anonymous Pizza Dub'l T said...

I was just thinking about making a video too. For a new song "Garden of Eden"

following taken from

The Garden is Now

When your crown is open to the sky and your feet are rooted in the earth, you reclaim the innocence of Eden. You recover what St. Paul called the full stature of Christ, which is your birthright. Don't let anyone holding a collection bowl tell you this is only attained in heaven, after you die. The Garden is Now. Creation is always just dawning, and your body is the Tree of Life. To visualize your body as the Tree of Life, from root to blossom, is not a stretch of imagination. It is the natural condition of human awareness.

Don't let the serpentine twists and turnings of doubt lure you to that other tree, the Tree of Thought. Stand in the center of the Garden of Now. Breathe radiance down from crown to heart. Exhale from heart to earth. Now recognize who your are, blossoming in stars, roots clustered in the core of the planet.

You are the third person of the Trinity. You are the Child of Holy Father, Holy Mother. Your breath unites heaven and earth. Be grateful. Just to breathe one breath is the simplest form of worship. Open the roof of your church to the sun and build its foundations in the dark soil. This body is your temple, it alter your heart. This breath is your offering, a pleasant and sufficient sacrifice on behalf of all who breathe.

Be the lightning between ground and sky. Connect Creator to Creation in a sacred flash.

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