Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Whenever I hear the term “blue tooth” (can I write that?) I think of blue balls. That leads me to thinking about that movie… oh man, what was it? Where those guys rent a condo on the beach, and spend the whole summer trying to trick girls into having sex with them?

There’s the sleazy surfer, and the old guy, and the nerd… What the hell movie was that? There’s a whole scene about that girl who’s a big tease, and she gives everyone blue balls. One of the guys falls victim to her wiles, and has to run for an ice pack. That was such bullshit to lay on my teenage mind. That crap doesn’t happen. And if it did, why didn’t the idiot just take care of it himself?

If I remember right, I got off on that chick by moving my leg. And I was just watching her on some tiny TV screen in a basement with five other dudes. The guy in the movie spent the night with her rubbing her short-shorted self all over him.
Freakin’ blue tooth.


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