Thursday, November 30, 2006

Strangers in my Shirt

Who buys my stuff?!

Seriously. Who (other than me) is going to walk around wearing a shirt like this:

Olden Pimps

Agoraphobic Jokes

I was just checking out my sales, and noticed that these two were on their way to someone and I thought I'd share.

It cracks me up to think that these things are out there walking around. I mean, sure, I'd wear 'em. And my friends wear them when I give them shirts. I expect that.

But this whole, "strangers in my shirt" thing sometimes freaks me out.

People just bought these shirts, too. So they're probably gifts.

I love it. That Original Pimp Action Squad one is hi-freakin'-larious. It's these crazy dudes from around the globe--photos taken from the early 20th Century. And they're total pimps. Check it out close up if ya want: click "view larger" and then, "zoom in on image". It'll be worth it just to get a good look at the stylinest pimps of the turn of the century and know that someone's gonna be out there showin' them off on their shirt. Global stylie pimps.

Glad that there are some similar senses of humor out there. Just a little freaked about it sometimes.

I still haven't just bumped into someone wearing one of my designs. That would be INSANE. I'm praying for it.


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