Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Hallows Day

Halloween was here.

Zane was a chicken:

It was funny. Wuddy. Really Wuddy.
But it was also cold, and so the Gicken didn’t do a lot of door-to-door.

Caspian was Neo:

He was cool. He did do a lot of door-to-door.

We went with Mechele, Colin, and Audrey (our raddest neighbors and most excellent friends) to “The Pumpkin House”. It was impressive. There were a hundred carved pumpkins (maybe not that many, but close to it), and a ghoul playing electric guitar.

The adults in the crew were inspired. Next year we’re decorating our house. Coffin in the yard and all. We’ve got a lot of yard. Maybe we’ll have a gallows and a graveyard. Definitely a ghoul with a guitar on the porch.

Who wants to come trick or treating next year?

We need someone small enough for the chicken suit. Zane’s gonna grow…


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