Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Was Tagged and Didn't Be It

For a really long time. I guess I suck at playing this game.

My friend Gay tagged me with this thing a while ago, and I forgot about it until I was reading her blog just now.

Gay rules, btw. She spent HOURS on the phone with me a couple of days ago to help me with my writing. She told me a great deal of great information. I just have to assimilate it all. I'm taking her advice because I think she's a tremendously talented writer. Her blog is listed in my links section. You can find her writing pretty easily.

Anyway, I've never actually played when I've been tagged. But today Zane is playing upstairs. He's being Spiderman and he has to "hang out with his chicks". His chicks include Wonder Woman, Starfire, Raven, "the Ice Girl", Lava Girl, and whoever else he stumbles across during the day who's cute. Sometimes the chicks get kidnapped and he has to save them. Sometimes one or more of them is upset because something happened in their family. Like, Raven was just crying because her dog was lost. The Ice Girl was just back from the hospital the other day, crying because her dad was sick. He cuddles them. Once he made out with Starfire. I asked him where he learned "make out"--his cousin. A year older--that much wiser. When I asked him what making out was, Zane said, "It's just kissing. Some people call it making out."

Ah, the joys of three-year-olds.

So here's my answers to being tagged:

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

In July of 1998, I was a professional psychic. I had an office with a regular clientele. I taught classes and workshops on how to access the mind, speak with cells, manipulate reality, heal people--stuff like that. My son Caspian was six months old. I spent long amounts of time in the mountains during the summer (four or five day stretches) exploring ghost towns and uncovering treasures from 120-year-old garbage dumps. I was more naive than I am today, even after having finally settled down from a ten-year, cross-country learning experience I like to call, "after highschool". I learned a lot ten years ago. I'm finally ready to apply it to life today.

2. What five things are on your "to do list" today?

I hate to do lists. I have to clean the bathroom today. I want to go over our address a few times with Zane--oh here's an opportunity-- He does so good! We have to go to the grocery store. I totally don't want to. In order to do that I have to take a shower. I need to do the dishes and cook dinner tonight. That's six. I'm an over-acheiver. See? I don't need lists.

3. What would you do with a billion dollars?

This is interesting. My wife and I are playing a game where we have an imaginary bank account. It's to help us feel like we've got all we need, and that we can get the things we want. It's pretty freakin' fun. Terri does it more than me, but I chime in with donating money to friends, and building green houses, and setting up a real estate company to acquire houses near us, move them to give us great garden and yard space, and rent them out somewhere else.

I'd give fifty to a hundred grand to a long list of my friends. I'd donate millions to space exploration. Millions to renuable energy resources. Millions to save the Earth.

I'd set up a modest sustainable community near where I live now, invite artists and architects to come and build something worthwhile and then live there.

I'd buy music lessons for all of my family (or wrangle some out of some of the rad musicians that would come live in our community).

I'd see Machu Picchu and go back to St. Lucia for a month.

I'd put whatever was left into whatever would make some money, and keep it generating. Invest it in our community's projects like organic gardens, our winery and artwork.

I'd spend the rest of my days doing exactly what I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it and let the rest of my family do that, too. I'd write, and play, and love, and dance dance dance. And grow herbs and make concoctions from them.

Funny, I'm listening to my music player on a random mix, and the song, For the Love of Money just came on. You know it... "Money money money money... MONEY!" It's comin' to me now, I feel it.

4. List the places you have lived.

Yikes. I'll try. California, Puerto Rico, New York, California, Idaho, Texas, Washington, Idaho, New York, Idaho, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Illinois, Idaho, Wisconsin, Washington. I think. Several places in Idaho, two or three different spots in NY, and two places in WA. I like where I am now the best out of all of 'em.

5. List the jobs you have had.

Ha hahaahaha! Seriously? Good gawd, there's no way I can remember all my jobs. I was a lot-boy, a bus-boy, a bag-boy, an assistant industrial radiologist, a darkroom technician, a janitor, a nanny, a QA inspector. I've worked in shipping and recieving, construction, manufacturing, and the service industry. I was a pro-psychic. I am a pro-writer. I can finish concrete, and I'm a professional painter. I was a forest fire lookout--I lived in a tower on top of a mountain all by myself for five months. I've shoveled cottage cheese, dirt, and shit. I've panhandled, and that's the least of the nefarious trades in which I engaged in my daring youth. I lived off unemployment for over a year. I tried being a professional student, but only got two years into that before the rest of my life fell apart and I changed completely. I'm a househusband, too.

There's an off-the-top-of-my-head list. There's much, much more.

6. List the people you'd like to know more about.

Hmmm... Nicola Tesla. Uma Thurman. Gay Degani. Enki. George Lucas. Prince.

There's probably a lot more people I'd like to know more about out there. Those people came to mind.

So there ya go, Gay and the rest of you. I was tagged, and I played. It's most likely because it was only six questions long.

Actually, it was pretty fun to do. Now I may tag someone else....


Blogger Gay Degani said...

Well, Kev, THAT certainly made my day! Thanks for being so nice to me, and thanks for making me laugh so hard I scared my dog!!!!

How in the world do you shovel cottage cheese? No. Don't tell me. I LIKE cottage cheese.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Shameless said...

Thanks for scaring your dog!

I'll allow you to be the one person who doesn't learn of my experience working with cottage cheese.

But now you really want to know, doncha?

9:27 PM  
Anonymous m.Sherlock said...

I wanna know...tell me on myspace! Also you have had some weird ass jobs...the tower job was probably the root of your insanity.

12:03 PM  

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