Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kit-Kats, Rootbeer, and a Lightning Storm

Being fairly new to living in the Pacific Northwest, I was surprised to learn tonight that the amazing thunderstorm going on near the horizon (translate that--over Tacoma) is an ultra-rare occurrence here. The dude on the news said people were telling him they hadn't seen lightning like this in five or six years. (Okay, it's already urban-myth. Nevermind.)

I haven't been inside eating Kit-Kats and drinking rootbeer for the entire storm. In fact, I'll go back out and watch the fireworks in just a moment. Maybe the title of this should include "Smokes on the Porch". Naw, it's long enough.

I just had to come in to thank Withersin for accepting another story of mine. I'm excited to say that my short story, Sculpting, is forthcoming in their wickedly excellent magazine.

If you've got a taste for quality, unique, truly interesting fiction and non, give Withersin a read. You'll like it. I love it. I'm happy to be included in its sinister pages.

My story, Red and Black, will appear in Withersin this fall in their issue Bone 2.2 So far that's coming in late October. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll talk about it when it's closer to Autumn.

Thank you, Withersin!

In other news, I fixed-up my myspace page today. I like it better this way. Come by and say hi---> Mymyspace

Happy Explosives in the Hands of Idiots Day!


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