Friday, March 07, 2008

Greetogs and Salivations.

Just a quick entry to let all my throngs (3 maybe 4) of blog readers know that I've got a new story out today at Every Day Fiction.

Emergency Revival is live today. It's a pulpy science fiction story about a guy named Rye and a gob of nasties. The perils of space-freighting.

I've already learned from it. See, I have this implosion situation in the story that turns out to be not exactly the facts of the matter.

I learned today that if one is exposed to space, they must first explode. You've got to get all those gasses out before the vacuum can get to crinkling you up like an aluminum can. I also learned that humans can live in a vacuum for quite some time--measured in seconds--before their bodies start blowing up. And if you exhale, you'll live longer. People have been exposed to space and lived, and without a lot of damage. Temporary blindness and lots of pain, but continued life. You can read about it here: Exposure to Space

Anyway, check out my story if you'd like, and comment and click stars, and all that. I'd appreciate it.


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