Saturday, September 16, 2006

My friends were just here, as well as the family I grew up with. Do you say, “my family” when you’re not talking about your wife, and kids? Doesn’t that get confusing? I mean, if I’m talking to my wife, then it wouldn’t be. Or if I were talking to my sister, or parents. But when I’m talking to you, how would you know who I was talking about?

So, my friends came to visit, and so did my mom, dad, sister, and my sister’s youngest son.

My parents think I’m a crazy hippie because I haven’t watered the lawn. This is the Pacific Northwest! It’s supposed to be raining all the time! It’s not. I just keep waiting for Nature to water my lawn. And besides, it’s grass. It’ll be green again, as soon as the rains DO come. And I am a crazy hippie. My parents should already know that.

Here’s my crazy hippie friend, Lindsey, doing crazy hippie things on my hibernating lawn:

Lindsey on the Lawn


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