Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here's EDF's ToC for January:

January’s Table of Contents

Jan 1 Sarah Hilary The View from Olympus
Jan 2 Tels Merrick All I Want For Christmas
Jan 3 Anne Marie Gomez Newspaper Please
Jan 4 Michael Fontana Thirty Days
Jan 5 Jadon Rempel Ostriches
Jan 6 Oonah V Joslin Open and Closed
Jan 7 Aaron Polson The Sub-Basement
Jan 8 Lori Ann Bloomfield What the Painter Saw
Jan 9 Kevin Shamel Mission Accomplished
Jan 11 Rupert Merkin End Of? An Interview with Harold Salt
Jan 12 Frank Roger Irretrievably Lost
Jan 13 Guy Anthony De Marco Steaks
Jan 14 Ragna Brent Thirteenth Guest
Jan 15 Erin M. Kinch The Care and Feeding of Your Sleeping Knight
Jan 16 Kaolin Fire Altered
Jan 17 Jann Everard Intermission
Jan 18 Andrew Boden Dry Fire
Jan 19 Mel George Dear Esteemed Friend
Jan 20 Stu Andrews A Magic Sword
Jan 21 Gustavo Bondoni The Candidate
Jan 22 K.C. Ball Upon the Doorsteps
Jan 23 crystalwizard Bar Fight
Jan 24 Stephen D. Rogers And Baby Makes Two
Jan 25 Rob Haines Shadows in Flight
Jan 26 Carol Ayer Parfait Surprise
Jan 27 Fred Warren For Fashion’s Sake
Jan 28 saintsally Paternalisms
Jan 29 Barbara A. Barnett Monkey Love
Jan 30 James Lecky The Song the Soldiers Sang: A Fable
Jan 31 Krystyna Smallman Monster


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