Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Mornings Do Not Suck

I love today already. I slept-in until nearly 9AM! Yeah, I know, all you childless, jobless youngins or oldens out there are saying, "Big deal." All you parents of toddling critters know what I'm talkin' about.

So I got out of bed to the smell of coffee. Watched my wife and littlest critter drive away to my wife's appointment this morning. My ten-year-old awoke with me. The dog was still in bed.

Had a cuppa (thank you, Terri! How cool to let me sleep, AND make coffee) and came up here to my computer.

Opened my mail to find a couple of more comments on my story from yesterday. They were good ones, and that rocked. Next message was from Every Day Fiction as well. They accepted another story! AND they said the best things they could ever say to me about it, and my writing in general.

Jordan and Camille (EDF's editors extraordinaire) have been very good to me. Today they are the best to me, and they've become my favorite.


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