Monday, September 25, 2006

Late News is Good News

The house is done! I know, it’s been done awhile, and I’ve been talking about it, and putting tease pics out there, but not really done it up right. I’ll probably not put all the rooms in this post. Maybe I’ll just trickle them out there for when you’re all bored.

So here’s the major stuff:

The tree has been painted in Zane’s room:
Some Tree
Floor Bed and Tree
More Bed
Zane Loves His Tree

Caspian lives in a space station at the edge of some planet’s atmosphere:

Space View One
More Space
Space-The Final View

The kitchen is being used daily!

Yay It’s a Kitchen
Night Table

It’s great. We’re settling in. We finished it all up just before the friends and fam arrived at the beginning of the month.

The master bedroom isn’t done. It won’t be for a while. We sleep with Zane anyway, under the tree, in a giant floor bed. It’s freakin’ awesome so we don’t need a room of our own.

But everything else on the inside (except the ghetto bathroom upstairs) is done, habitable, and just about the way we want it.
Yay us.


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