Sunday, August 20, 2006

Okay. Let’s get reintroduced.

Should I do this now and then? Just catch everyone up on who I am, and what the hell I’m doing here? What AM I doing here, anyway?

I’m Kevin. I’m an artist and a writer. That’s what I do.
I have a wife named Terri.

I’ve got two childs. One is eight, his name is Caspian. One is one and a half. His name is Zane.

We live in Olympia, Washington. We moved here in June of 2006. We love it here.

We live with Terri’s mom. It’s a long story as to why, and it’s not that we’re mooching off her. Though we are a little. But it’s mutual mooching, so it’s okay. We’re taking care of her because her health is notsogood. She bought the house and moved us here because our masses of money were notsogood.

We do funny stuff, and live life, and yell at each other, and love each other, and live life, and tell each other how cool we are, and how uncool we are, and live life. It’s fun. I’ll share a little here, and maybe it’ll be fun for you, too.

If it isn’t, just tell me and I’ll knock it off.


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