Friday, August 18, 2006

Coming Back


I’ve been terrible about posting in this blog. See, I started this blog after I started the one on my website ( Shameless Creations ). I thought I’d just post the same entries here as I did there. But I’m craving diversity.

See, I can’t really seem to talk about stuff on my website blog. It always turns out to be some crazy tall-tale, or an installment in the “Haggis” serial. Fiction, I tell ya, all fiction.

Which is great. I mean, I love the fiction. But there’s also real things that I want to talk about, and those things just get trampled under the fictional romps of my website’s blog.

And so…

I’m going to use this blog to talk about the real things and the other to spout fiction.

It’ll probably have a lot to do with what’s going on in my life, things I’m thinking about, freaky stuff I find online, you know, the typical bloggy stuff.

Like this:
Caspian’s Room is Almost Done

This is nearly the end of our massive moving-in renovation! Caspian’s room is about to be finished, and months of painting, unpapering, and all the other crazy things I’ve had to do to make our new house a home will be done! I’ll catch you up in the next few days, about what’s been going on recently in my life. Then this might make more sense to you.

But for right now know that my family and I have recently moved, our house is ultra-sweet, and I’m going to start using this blog to talk about real stuff. Or stuff that MAY be real. And I’m going to try and be regular about this.

More later.


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