Monday, December 12, 2005

Signs of Seasons

DAY: Monday
WEATHER: Cold. Witches and tits come to mind.
ATTITUDE: Fearless
WHAT WOULD ELVIS DO?: He’d rock and roll.
WISH FOR THE WEEK: I wish I lived in Washington

I’ve had an interesting life so far. I’ve done many things that not many people have. How many people can say they graffitied their names in a giant oil tank sixty feet underground? How many secret gardens have you built? Who else has played guitar to a snoozing moose, only to be interrupted by a prowling mountain lion? How many of you out there have been strolling along a mountain trail--bare, but for boots, and come face to face with a berry-eating black bear? Who else got their first tattoo from a homeless guy fresh out of prison for a bag of mushrooms?

Except for that last example, I’m sure not many others have done those things I’ve done. It’s been interesting. I’m sure it can only keep in that vein, though lately things have seemed a bit mundane. Not unfun, just kinda home and child oriented, with the only crazy things happening going on inside my head.

See, the thing is, Terri and I have been planning to move to Washington for years now. The truth is, I hate the Midwest. I know, there are a lot of great things about it, I’m sure all of you out there will tell me. But I haven’t found those great things to be so great for me.

I long for mountains, and serenity, and clean water. I want to breathe sunshine and rainwater. I want the West.

Now, you may not know this from reading my blog, or checking out my website, but I’m very reliant on signs. I follow the signs of the Natural World. I believe that my path is revealed to me before I walk it, and that as I walk, the nature of my journey is spelled out for me to see.

I want to move to the Pacific Northwest. Well, I want to move to Idaho, but Terri doesn’t, and we have to have a middle ground, and I love Washington only just slightly less than Idaho, and Terri likes it, and so that’s where we’re headed.

But lately there have been some crazy signs.
I feel like we may be moving there just in time to be in the middle of a volcanic eruption, or a tsunami, or just an earthquake. I mean, things seem volatile over there, and I keep seeing these shows on Discovery about impending disasters over there.

Our climate is changing. The Earth has been shaking a bit more lately than ever in my lifetime. There are several more active volcanoes. The ring of fire has been quite active. They were even worried about Mt. St. Helens not long ago.

The thing is, I still feel like going there.
And so does Terri.

Is this a stupid move?
Should we hang out here in Milwaukee, where I find it hard to breathe and freak-out tri-annually about the condition of society in this crazy place, and the polluted everything?

I don’t think we will.
Terri and I both believe in that there’s something big brewing. We are entangled in the mystery of the year 2012. We’re mystical, and metaphysical, and Indigo, and all that jazz. We listen to our inner-voices, we are guided by our higher-selves.

We think that if we’re going to move there, and the whole place is going to be swallowed by Nature, that perhaps that’s what mass-ascension is. We’re pretty sure we’re meant to go there, even if there are signs saying there may be danger ahead.

It should make for some interesting experiences, no matter what happens.

Not that I want there to be volcanoes, and quakes and walls of water 200 feet high. I’d love to go there, settle-in, and just live a normally interesting life, too. I’m just sayin’ that if some craziness occurs while I’m there, it’ll make for good stories to be told over the campfire. Or in blogs.

I guess I’m saying that it was my birthday a few days ago, and that I feel different, and that we’re making changes, and it seems to be a whole new life again. I think I’m just apprehensive about it all. The coming year holds promise, and I’m trying to be afraid of that.

I’ll keep you all up on what goes on. I hope it’ll be interesting.
Thanks for slogging through this with me.
Have great days filled with perfect change.


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