Saturday, November 05, 2005

Addy and the Ninnies

DAY: Friday
WEATHER: Warm. I know, but it’s true.
ATTITUDE: Slightly vexed.
WISH FOR THE WEEK: That more people didn’t suck.

I’ve resisted going-off about the place where I sell t-shirts. I want you all to know that I have. But it’s getting ridiculous.

My fellow shopkeepers at CafePress and I have this wonderful message board where we can talk about CafePress issues. There’s even a place called ‘The Corner Shop’ where we can chat about whatever we want. It doesn’t have to be related to CafePress stuff whatsoever.

So there are people on the list who are cool, and who like each other, and so they talk to each other (in the Corner Shop) about whatever the hell they feel like talking about. It’s nice. Or at least, it was nice.

There are a few people on the board who have sticks up their asses. They complain when someone writes in about something they think is immature, or vulgar, or stupid, or whatever their uptight excuse is about the friendly post. It didn’t happen so much in the past, but lately, it’s been a plague. On all of our houses.

Addy, a great bloke from Australia, actually started a blog because when he would write in to say hi, and talk to us about his “shark-out-of-water wisdom”, people complained that it wasn’t about CafePress, and that they didn’t like reading his posts, and they had a paper-cut, and they can’t find the potty… Anyway, now Addy’s on the hotseat again because he posted a message about people he liked, naming names, and the people who weren’t named started saying shit about how Addy’s post was immature, and that they were gonna puke, and blah blah where’s the potty. One chick said she thought she was reading a twelve-year-old girl’s diary. What a jerk.

It’s ridiculous. If someone wants to chat with people he works with, and he wants to tell some of those people how much he appreciates their humor, or how an email from them will make his day, then he should be able to do it without a gang of ninnies bitching about his post. Oh, and you really should check out Addy’s blog. He’s one funny bloke.

HA HA HA! I just went to Addy’s blog to get his address to put a link in here, and found the most hilarious picture! See it here: Addy’s Blog

I’d said on the post in question that he made one foul-mouthed, ugly little girl. He proved it. Right on, Addy.

I’ve gotta tell you guys about my freakin’ cousin Haggis and his latest threat to my life, but I’ve got to rest my eye. Zane tried to poke it out yesterday. My eyeball is cut, so I have this patch on my eye. I’m wearing a bandana on my head a lot lately, cuz my hair is in my face otherwise, and so I totally look like a pirate.

Terri wanted me to wear the patch this morning for my bed head shot, but my eye felt pretty good today, and so I didn’t put it on. But Zane karate chopped me straight in the same eyeball about a couple hours ago, and I think he opened up the cut again. The patch is back on. Terri says the reason why Zane chopped me tonight was because I didn’t wear it for the bed head shot. So tomorrow promises to be a pretty crazy pic. Ya might want to tune in.

Alright. Redbeard is outa here.


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